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Wldlife Research

Matt has been involved in many areas of research including:

  • Anaesthesia and radio tracking of mink in the Outer Hebrides
  • Anaesthesia, blood sampling and tracking wild rabbits
  • Atoxoplasmosis in wild sparrow
  • Wildlife management minimising accidental secondary poisoning
  • EBL virus in British bats – blood sampling, microchipping and tracking
  • Reproductive control of a number of British mammals

He has spent a considerable amount of time working alongside, and supporting many local wildlife rescue centres for example:

  • Veterinary Advisor  to the North Yorkshire Badger Group 1993-1997
  • Veterinary Advisor to the Ryedale Badger Group 1991 - to-date 
  • Occasional advisor to other groups such as the York Badger Group and the     National Federation of Badger Groups (NFBG)
  • Matt has a particular interest in British mammals and has carried out enormous quantities of work for many local rescue centres, the main RSPCA and RSPB
  • Veterinary Surgeon for the York RSPCA and many other regional RSPCA branches for all their wildlife and exotic animals 1991 - to-date

Matt has lectured widely on British wildlife, its ecology, biology and veterinary management. More importantly he has lectured on wildlife and the increasing conflict that occurs between humans and wild animals. Groups he has lectured to include York Mammal Society, The NFBG, BSAVA, BVZS, The Home office, Oxford University etc.
Matt is a lecturer to scientists on the veterinary management of wild animals, his area covering amongst other things, the recognition of pain and distress in wild animals, successful trapping and release of wild animals. These lectures are part of the Home Office requirements (modules 1-3) for a scientist to be able to carry out research on wild animals under ASPA.

Matt has been an RSPCA recognised wildlife specialist (since 1999) and has been on the Secretary of State’s List I Zoo Inspectors since 2001. He is a veterinary surgeon for a number of wildlife rehabilitation centres including Ryedale Rehabilitation Centre and Selby Wildlife Centre.

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Matt Brash
Matt Brash
B. Vet. Med. Cert. Zoo Med. MRCVS