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Born in Bonn, Germany the son of a diplomat. Matt was educated at King’s Canterbury, whilst his parents travelled the world. Thus during the holidays he lived in Germany, Rumania, Canada, Vietnam, Austria and Indonesia, whilst also travelling to many other countries throughout.

A lifelong passion

As a child he always wanted to be a vet, however his father did not approve, and thought it would be a wasted opportunity.‘ As a vet all you will ever do is put your hand up the backside of cows, and euthanase dogs!’

So to keep him happy Matt went to work with a surgeon in Canterbury Hospital. Sadly, the only operation he saw involved slicing a chunk off some poor half anaesthetised man's head. He was unimpressed and soon after went to work for a vet in Guildford who drove a white Porsche. That solved any argument!

After school Matt trained at the Royal Veterinary College (1982-1987).

Matt: "My interest in exotics has been there since childhood, and many happy days were spent as a small boy examining lizards and snakes in Vietnam. But one of my early childhood memories is being forced to donate my butterfly collection to the Natural History Museum, by some professor, as the museum did not have many Vietnamese butterflies. Thanks!"

Matt also spent time working with the Veterinary School in Sri Lanka, specifically focusing on foot diseases in elephants, and the British Veterinary Research Centre in Bogor looking at parasites in Thin Tailed sheep, as well as tracking the Javanese Rhino.

From 1987 - 2010 Matt was in general veterinary practice treating a wide range of animals, from domestic pets through to farm animals and wildlife. Subsequently hehas focused entirely on his work with wildlife and zoo animals.

Matt has spent much of his life treating and releasing wildlife. He lives in the Yorkshire Wolds with his wife Clare and four sons. When not working Matt still keeps busy, Fishing, Skiing, gardening, walking, cooking and playing Bridge. When sitting down, he enjoys model making, and is slowly progressing on his 30,000 piece model of HMS Victory.

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Matt Brash
Matt Brash
B. Vet. Med. Cert. Zoo Med. MRCVS