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  1. Badger treatment and release to the wild (NRW 1998)
  2. Foot rot in oryx  (BVZS)
  3. Castration of a hippopotamus (BVZS)
  4. Castration of a sealion (BVZS)
  5. Anaesthesia of wild boar (BVZS and FERA )
  6. Anaesthesia of mink in the field (BVZS)
  7. Anaesthesia of sealions (BVZS)
  8. Anaesthesia of wild animals (Oxford University Mammal Society 1998)
  9. Anaesthesia of British wild mammals  (CSL 1999)
  10. Zoonotic diseases from British Mammals and their impact (CSL 2000, and British Medical Assoc AGM 2000)
  11. Wildlife capture and anaesthesia  (BVZS Satellite meeting BSAVA 2008)
  12. And many, many others to local badger groups, mammal societies, parrot societies etc

Books and articles published

  1. Zoo VetCan be found on Amazon
  2. The Guide to Puppies  written in the 1990’s, out of print
  3. Chapter on Foxes (BSAVA Manual on Wildlife casualties, Ed E Mullineaux, D Best & J Cooper. Pub 2003)
  4. Two chapters on camelids ( BSAVA manual on Farm animals 2006)
  5. Chapter on dart guns, use and storage and SOP (RCVS guidelines)
  6. Article on ‘Handling bats’ BVA publication  joint author with L. Mollineux
  7. Radiography and examination of birds with ballistic injuries

Scientific papers published

  1. Badger haematology and biochemistry
  2. Badger anaesthesia
  3. P53  gene related cancer in animals
  4. Wild boar anaesthesia
  5. Anaesthesia and blood sampling of Daubenton bats
  6. Wild boar blood
  7. Castration of a hippopotamus

Television career

  1. BBC series ‘Vet to the Rescue’, 29 half hour episodes, based at Chester Zoo 1998
  2. BBC series ‘Vets in the Country’, 29 half hour episodes, based at our surgery in Stamford Bridge. 1999
  3. ITV series ‘Zoo Vet’ and ‘Zoo Vet at Large’, approximately 90-100 ish episodes
    1998 - 2007
  4. ITV Wild life police
  5. Channel 4 Guest appearance; Pet rescue
  6. BBC1 Advisor Beast
  7. Harry Potter films 1 and 2 Advisor reference owls

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Matt Brash
Matt Brash
B. Vet. Med. Cert. Zoo Med. MRCVS